Exotics & Deer Services

  • Herd Health Consultations – With over fifteen years of experience and involvement with deer breeders, our veterinarians can assist you with reaching your deer management goals. From pen management to disease prevention we can customize a plan specific to your needs. Ranch visits are encouraged.
  • In House & Outside-Laboratory Services – CWD testing is just a fraction of the testing we can perform here at BCVC. Blood work, EPG fecal counts, and complete necropsy examinations are easily done in house. If we cannot run the test in house, we have the resources and working relationships with many outside labs who can.
  • Transcervical Artificial Insemination – Not ready to make the commitment to laparoscopic artificial insemination? The veterinarians at BCVC can work with you on establishing an artificial insemination plan for your herd. There are many benefits to transcervical artificial insemination which include less time, labor, and costs.