Sheep & Goat Services

  • Herd Health and Parasite Control Consultations – Parasite control is a multifactorial problem. Let the experienced doctors at BCVC help you develop a management plan for parasite control specific to your operation. Vaccinations, hoof trims, and dehorns (cosmetic and regular) are just a few of the routine health services we can provide for small ruminants.
  • Health Certificates – The veterinarians at BCVC are USDA Accredited and able to provide all your Health Certificate needs. BCVC supports many of the FFA and 4-H groups in the surrounding areas.
  • Pregnancy Detection (Ultrasound and Blood Tests) – Sheep and goats may be ultrasounded as early as 45 days of pregnancy. For earlier detection or for farm calls, blood tests are available for pregnancy detection.
  • Obstetrics – Kid and lamb pulls as well as C-sections can be performed by experienced doctors at BCVC.