Small Animal Services

Bosque County Veterinary Clinic takes great effort into providing quality veterinary services to your beloved pets. Dr. Jackson and staff give you and your pets careful attention and strive to create the most stress-free and comforting environment possible. We treat you and your pets like family!

Wellness Examinations

Wellness examinations are an important part of keeping your pets healthy throughout the year. Routine examinations are key to prevention and early detection of disease. Annual examinations are recommended.


Routine vaccinations prevent multiple diseases such as rabies, parvovirus, canine distemper, and feline leukemia. At BCVC we follow well designed vaccination protocols that are designed to maximize protection and minimize unwanted reactions.


  • Orthopedic – At BCVC we are well equipped and trained to handle many orthopedic problems. We also have several board certified orthopedic surgeons to whom we can refer the more complex cases that require specialized training and equipment.
  • Soft Tissue – The doctors at BCVC are well trained and equipped to deal with most soft tissue surgeries; however, board certified surgeons are available for referrals if necessary.


Keeping your pets’ teeth and gums healthy is important for prevention of serious disease such as periodontal, heart, and kidney disease. During a dental cleaning your pet will be safely anesthetized for a complete examination and cleaning which includes scaling and polishing.

Digital Radiography

Our new digital radiograph machine allows us to take top quality radiographs of your pet. Digital x-rays allow for accurate diagnosis of many soft tissue and orthopedic conditions.


Ultrasound examination is a useful tool and may be used for diagnosing disease, and to determine the pregnancy status of your animal.

In-House Laboratory

Bloodwork can provide significant information about the health of your animal, and is an important tool for diagnosing and preventing disease. Our in house laboratory provides fast and accurate results.


Traveling for the holidays? Let our friendly staff take care of your pet while you are out. All kennels are climate controlled, and all animals are taken out for daily walks.

Artificial Insemination